The Working Hoverboard – Even Better!

The Working Hoverboard – Even Better!

HoverTech HoverBoard

HoverTech HoverBoard





      Customer Satisfaction





          • Cheap Price
          • Easy Use
          • Power Charge
          • Smart Key
          • Color Choice


          • Very Unique Look

          The Better Alternative Of A Working Hoverboard

          Although this is the cheaper alternative, you get the most items with the shipment of the working hoverboard.

          Unlike most where you only receive the board, the charger and the manual, The AlienSaw, also comes with a smart key.

          What exactly it does, is basically giving you the option to turn the hoverboard on and off.

          Normally this requires you to bend down and pressing the button on the actual scooter.

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          For more detail however, keep reading below and find the rest of the review with pros and cons.working hoverboard in blue


          This working hoverboard is by far one of the cheaper models you might find for the quality it provides.

          Although it is just as small as most hoverboards out there, this tiny gadget can carry up to 280 pounds / 127 kilograms of weight!

          Alternatively you need to apply at least a minimum of 44 pounds to activate and drive it.

          Anything below that weight will just cause it to stay on its spot.

          Speed and Battery Life:

          On average this little beast needs somewhat around 2-3 hours until fully charged

          However, if you’re in a bit of a rush think about giving it at least a 2 hour charge before using it.

          With a fully charged hoverboard, you are looking at an average distance of 12.5 miles / 20 kilometers.

          The top speed will be around the same limit (meaning 10.5 mph / 20 kph), which is quite impressive.

          Unlike most of the working hoverboards that are out on the market, the AlienSaw has a low battery protection.

          This means that when your battery life is coming to an end and it is lower than 10%, it will start to slow down your speed before it stops working.

          This typically prevents you from having a unknown sudden stop and injuring yourself, or being left stranded somewhere without warning.

          Other Functions:

          The AlienSaw is probably one of the only brands witch such a wide variation of colors.

          Other color selections, such as:

          • Mystic Sapphire
          • Monster Green
          • Silver Bullet
          • Black Widdow

          …and many more!

          These are all part of the choices you have when looking to puchase this working hoverboard.

          If you like to stand out and mix your style with different colors, this is definitely the right choice for you!

          It also has a design like no other!

          If you would like to opt for the cheapest option of these models, you don’t have to worry about which color board changes the price of the hoverboard.

          Note: You automatically get a 1-year manufacturers warranty with every board you buy!

          Overall this is definitely the most price efficient model as mentioned above.

          So for those of you who wish to join the hype for a fair price, your search should end here.

          To buy get your hands on one now, simply shop online, and click here <==hoverboard-technology

          Make sure to watch the user page, if you want to know how to use a Hoverboard correctly.

          All basics about Hoverboards and how they function can be found on the descriptions page.

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