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This page serves to provide you with any relevant news story or upcoming device/ gadget for hoverboards.

As the market constantly strives to build new boards and brands compete to bring out the best hoverboard for sale, there is a constant evolution.

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For news related stories, you can expect anything that will be reported about hoveboards.

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In the Gadget section, you will find any type of add-on there is to make your hoverboard the best hoverboard out there.

Want a longer warranty than what the manufacturer issues, you’ll find it here!

Cool stickers to make your board look different and stand out in the crowd can also be found in this section.

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The videos will vary from pranks, stunts, tricks and fails. Hours of entertainment can be found on this page alone


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As mentioned above, any items you’ve come across and thought it might make a good review, but couldn’t be found on our site, is welcome.

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Finding a real hoverboard for sale that meats all the safety requirements and looks good is one thing.

Finding suitable stuff that makes your ride fun entertaining and unique is another.

We strive to find the greatestĀ of both, for you to have the best quality and best hoverboard that meets your requirements.

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