Other Boards

Confusion With Hoverboards

Although there isn’t an official name for what we like to call hoverboards, there are a lot of different types of boards people refer to when mentioning them.

You may have noticed or seen all sorts of new type of electric skateboard.

Yes the boards we refer to as hoverboards are most commonly labelled as such and they are the most popular ones as well.

It’s easy to see why they would be as well.

However there has been a massive dispute by some, to stop giving them this name.

These people prefer to look at them as handsfree segways.

The Other Kind

This page will show you other types of boards, in case you were looking for a model you like to call a hoverboard.

We however prefer to look at them as Skatecycle or Orbit wheels.

Below you will find some of the best brands of skatecycles and orbit wheels, just in case you’d like to get your hands on one of these.

The SkateCycle

First off, let’s have a look at the SkateCycle. As you can see from the image below, these boards have a strong similarity to the traditional skateboard.

What differentiates them from the classic board, is that they only have two wheels.

The SkateCycle is not an electric vehicle. With the traditional skateboard you are forced to push with one leg as the other hold on to the board.

The SkateCycle works similarly in the beginning but this is only essential for the first push.

Once you get on the board you control it by moving back and forth (like on a Snakeboard if you’re familiar with them).

Another cool feature about these boards is that they aren’t very pricey and they fold up easily.

So if you’re on the move a lot you can easily carry them around and they aren’t too heavy nor too big.

One of the side effects of these SkateCycles is a very common issue that most users have complained about.

That issue is that these boards are incredibly hard to ride. It takes a few hours of practice just to ride them.

But once you get used to them it’s fine.

The interesting thing about the boards is that you can ride along for an endless time as you don’t need to push further with one foot.

All you do is slide like a snake if you want to move forward. It’s almost a mixture of a street snowboard and roller skates combined.

Orbit Wheels

Contrary to Hoverboards or SkateCycles, there are the infamous Orbit Wheels.

Very distinguishable from any of the boards, as they are almost like a broken version of the above mentioned SkateCycle.

If you have a look below at the image, you can see that the hoops look very identical to the ones of the SkateCycle.

However the middle bar that connects both hoops has been removed. This might be better or worse for some.

What’s undeniable is that you have more freedom of movement but at the same time it could be a lot more dangerous.

Because these wheels are the most affordable ones I guess the popularity has overtaken the SkateCycles.

Reviews have shown that people quite enjoy them as well. It is however advised not to let young children ride them.

Apparently it takes a bit age to become more coordinated, which makes the ride a lot easier for them.