How To Ride A Hoverboard

How To Ride A Hoverboard

The hoverboard or self balancing scooter, is the newest trending, must have gadget of our generation.

Although the looks and style of it is very simple, using it can be rather complex in the first few trials.

This page will teach you how to ride a hoverboard so that you too can be ready to drive away from day one!

The hoverboards generally have a weight of around 27lbs which makes them easy to carry around if you have to bring them inside your office or lectures.

Although they look quite basic, they seem to have quite a solid build. Scratches along the plastic base are unavoidable, but the insides are well protected, so don’t worry about that!

Top speeds will usually vary from 7-8 miles per hour. Most hoverboards will alert you when you’ve reached your highest speed as well.

Step #1 Read The Manual:

Since most of these hoverboards are manufactured in China, the user manuals will be very poorly translated. Even so, we suggest to read them in case you are planning to do something crazy with them.

Make sure you fully understood how to charge them and treat them like you would treat your smartphone for example.

Always make sure to fully charge them, which by the way does not take a lot of time!

The higher the battery is charged, the longer you will be able to drive and the faster you can drive as well.

Step #2 Check + Test All Components:

Most of the hoverboards packages will not have more then 3-4 items within the box.

However you can never be too sure if everything is included, so before we continue to learn how to ride a hoverboard make sure to unbox your new gadget carefully and check if everything is included as displayed in the user manual.

Once you have listed all the individual items, make sure to test each one out.

If your charger is broken or you see slight defaults, don’t be afraid to send the item back and request a refund or new model for free!

Step #3 Time To Balance

After you’ve fully charged your hoverboard, you are ready to try out your first few moves.

Turn on your hoverboard and place it on the floor. We advise to be in a open room or area with little to no objects lying around, to have a nice amount of space to try out the scooter.

Gentle step on the platform one foot at a time. Once the first foot touches the black rubber with enough pressure, it will be activated.

Make sure to hold on to someone or somebody as you try it out for the first time, just to be sure.

How To Ride A Hoverboard

Try to press against the sides for extra stability

Try to have a relaxed stance.

Tip: Push your feet to the edges of the hoverboard as it tends to help people balance!

Now that you placed both feet on it, slightly lean forward and you will feel a moving sensation to the front.

The more you lean forward the faster you will speed up. If you lean backwards, you can slow down the speed or drive backwards. Try it out a few times and you should get the hang of it.

Once you feel comfortable going back and forth, give it a few turns as well to be fully in control of your hoverboard.

Now you should know the basics of how to ride a hoverboard and should now be fully able to drive around with it.