Top Quality Hoverboard Technology

Top Quality Hoverboard Technology







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        • Top Design
        • Highly Intelligent Battery
        • Bluetooth
        • Super Light Weight
        • Speed


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        The Best Hoverboard Technology On The Market!

        Hoverboards might seem to be a creation of the future, but when laying your eyes upon the beauty, it’s a whole new chapter.

        Within this model you’ve truly been blessed with the most futuristic model and best of the hoverboard technology.

        From having the slickest design, to bluetooth functions as well as using the U.S. brand, certified safety measures for batteries.

        There is no doubt in quality about this fascinating model.

        If you want to ride with style this is definitely the hoverboard for you. It could be described as the Porsche of hoverboards and hoverboard technology.

        Because it is one of the newest models, not many people have gotten their hands on it as you can tell by the customer reviews here.

        Below you will find the detailed description of this model.


        As you can imagine, the quality does not come with a cheap price. However, it recently had a massive reduction from it’s original price of $1,199!

        This must be done by the company to be able to compete with the market.

        (Of course that is good news for those of us that want to get their hands on it!)

        The FutureSaw is part of the best hoverboard technology due to it being:

        • Large Wheels
        • Besides that, it’s also one of the lightest models (weighing just about 29.45 pounds shipping weight)
        • High end quality

        Although this is probably the lightest hoverboard to carry, the quality is definitely durable to load as much as 265 pounds / 120 kilograms!FutureSaw-hoverboard-technology

        Speed and Battery Life:

        If you’re wondering where all the money is going when you buy the board, you will understand after reading this section.

        Besides the light built, durable quality and additional features most hoverboards won’t have…

        The FutureSaw 6.5 inch has the highest of qualities when it comes to batteries!

        Besides having a Waterproof Rating of IP54 and extra premium Samsung manufactured batteries, it also has a maximum slope angle of 30 degrees!

        Overall there are a ton of unique upgrades in hoverboard technology since their first release, which makes this board stand out by a mile!

        As the battery is probably working overtime due to all it’s features, yet the battery life is not shorter than all of its competitors.

        The Skque battery will last for about 5-6 hours with upgrades available and can take you as far as around 12.5 miles / 20 kilometers at ground level.

        As for the speed this board is also on the lower class, meaning it has a top speed of 12.5 mph / 20 kph.

        This is a lot faster than most but still a very comfortable speed.

        Other Functions:

        As previously mentioned, this is one of the top quality hoverboard technology you can find.

        This hoverboard has an integrated smart chip, that makes turning on your sides, as well as driving straight, easier than most hoverboards.

        You can drive up a 30 degree climbing angle with no problems either.

        The best feature of the FutureSaw 6.5 inch model, is the bluetooth integration. This awesome feature lets you stand out in the crowd.

        With a few simple touches, you can stream your music from your smartphone or tablet onto your hoverboard.

        So as you cruise along, your hoverboard technology let’s you listen to your favorite songs, to maximize your driving sensation.

        To get your version of this model, simply ==> click here to your own version right now!

        one of the best hoverboards on the market!

        If you’re looking to buy a cheaper and most popular version of the hoverboards, make sure to check out this model.

        For user instructions click here.

        For a complete description about what a hoverboard really is, make sure to see the description page.

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