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With ever increasing popularity, there is constantly something new happening that catches the news.

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Burning Misconception

You may have heard or even seen footage of certain hoverboards burning. Some people claim to have their boards explode entirely.

This might have scared you off and since then you didn’t trust or feel safe to buy a hoverboard of your own.

Some claim that the reason for these occurrences are overcharging the hoverboards.

Although this may lead to a weaker battery, there is no possible way a battery would start burning these days because of that.

Others believe that these incidents happened because users didn’t use the right charging device, which came with the board.

Both listed reason are rather cheap excuses by manufacturers who sold cheap knock off hoverboards.

Why They Actually Burn:

Just to clarify once again, if you’re purchasing any of the hoverboards we review on our site, it is very unlikely it will set fire!

Before December 2015, the popularity of the boards was so huge that there was a massive demand on the market.

Whenever there is a giant demand for a product, there will be cheap knockoffs jumping through the market as well.

Wholesalers such as Amazon we’re taking on as many individuals selling these to meet everyones demands.

As the fake models were competitively cheaper than quality boards, they sold fairly quick.stop looking where to buy hoverboard

The difference being within the battery!

Cheap boards used cheap batteries. These Lithium ion batteries contain a liquid in them.

There is a dividing part between a positive and a negative side.

If both sides mix, the liquid could heat up so much that it starts exploding or burning.

The cheap knockoffs had a very thin wall separating both sides. Therefore any rougher rumble could have penetrated that thin wall, thus creating the burning effect we saw on the news.

Some of these cheap batteries also contain tiny pieces of metal which also might have fractured the layers.

What To Look Out For

If you want to play it safe, firstly you should avoid looking for the cheapest possible product.

You may think you’ve gotten your hands on a good deal but you may regret it as well!

Quality usually has a price on it and there’s a reason why.

Another thing you could do is to buy it straight from trusted sources. Don’t buy it off any website.

Go to globally known and recommended websites like Amazon. As you may or may not know, Amazon removed all faulty hoverboards during December 2015.

the real hoverboards use trusted batteriesNow they only allow tested versions to be shipped and sold.

The third advice we can give, is to look out for certain product verification stamps and quality or well known brands of the battery manufacturers.

Brans such as Samsung are always good trustworthy. Real hoverboards tend to have a clear description about what they contain.

Try looking out for these small details and you will be safe.