Hoverboard Accessories

Tools And Equipment

For the best hoverboard there needs to be the best equipment around. Therefore this page is dedicated for hoverboard accessories.

Like any form of transportation, there are many things you can take away, switch and improve to make it better.

Scroll through the list of things you could add or purchase, to make your hoverboards life easier.

When changing the wheels or the grip on a traditional skateboard, there were endless things you could modify.

For the new age electric skateboard, or as we like to call them hoverboards, modification seems almost like a must.

Although most models come from different companies and brands, they all look very much alike.

Therefore if you want to look more unique and have a special looking board that represents your identity, you should have a look below.

Now that you are aware of where you can buy a hoverboard online, you can also get a hold of hoverboard accessories right here!

Carry With Care

Hoverboard prices may vary greatly from board to board but their weight usually is quite similar.

Although they aren’t incredibly heavy, carrying a board for a longer amount of time can get a bit tiring.

So getting your hands on a hoverboard accessory like the waterproof carrying bag really is a no brainer.

As you can see you can comfortably carry your hoverboards like a backpack, whilst keeping it dry and safe from the rain.

The backpack or carrying bag, comes with a specially built side pocket to include your battery charger separately from the rest.

When you ride a lot, your wheels are bound to get dirty, which is why the bag is also washable in case too much dirt gets carried inside it.

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The Bumper

Have you ever seen pictures of hoverboards that were completely scratched and almost ruined by the falls and injuries it has taken?

These could easily have been prevented if they would have invested a tiny amount for a protective bumper!

Obviously riding outside will cause certain damages sooner or later, so it’s a great idea to get your hands on a Scoovy bumper (see image below):

As you can see they offer to protect the entire top part of your rims and come in 8 different colours.

Made out of high quality silicone, this bumper will help you avoid nasty scratches and dents.

Easily applied and removed, you can make sure this hoverboard accessory makes the price of a hoverboard worth while and last.

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Dress Up

If you are looking for the ultimate change of look, these hoverboard parts are just the right thing.

Whether you want to have a psychedelic look or a patriotic one, the MightySkins Vinyls will do the job.

The selection is huge and besides looking great, they also serve a minor protective layer.

However we still recommend the bumper for proper protection of the board.

If you do choose to purchase a different skin for your hoverboard, make sure not to miss out on the rims either.

That way your look will be complete.

They are quick and easy to fit on the board, and once you get bored of the look, you can simply remove them without having a sticky mess.

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Protect Yourself

If you are more of a daredevil and like to risk certain stunts by performing hoverboard tricks, we highly recommend you protect yourself.

A fall on hard concrete can be very painful and sometimes it might even land you in the hospital.

In order to prevent this from happening there are essential tools and equipments you should take such as knee and elbow protections.

These pads will protect you like there is no tomorrow. Having this bodyguard on you is great for a few simple reasons:

  1. They are made from tough materials protecting your wrists elbows and knees
  2. The sleeves are made out of polyester so your skin breathes through them nicely.
  3. One size fits all, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right one matching your bodytype
  4. They look great!

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Although the above is great when it comes to protecting your body, the most important part of your body however is the head!

Make sure to at least consider a helmet. Below you can see the bestseller and incredibly protective Tripple 8 Brainsaver!

Pro-skaters as well as other athletes, routinely invested in this beauty! Many of which thank their lives to it.

It comes in different sizes and has a variety in colours. Make sure to take your time and choose a matching colour to your hoverboard!

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Long-Term Warranty

A lot of people like to add this minor investment to their basket, as it saves them a lot of money in the long run.

The protection plan makes your warranty last an additional 2 years! So if anything malfunctions or tends to breakdown you’re covered!

Although most boards come with a 1 year warranty by their manufacturers, you can have this simple extension.

Almost everybody that decides to buy a hoverboard, buys this extended warranty with it because it makes sense!

Feel free to read the full terms and conditions and what exactly it covers, on the Amazon sales page.

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