The New Electric Hoverboard

The New Electric Hoverboard

The New Electric Hoverboard

The New Electric Hoverboard





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        The Newly Designed Electric Hoverboard

        When it comes to hoverboards, this hoverboard technology probably belongs to the most known out of all.

        Although the board is almost identical to the slightly cheaper version the DailySaw you’ll quickly see that it’s features are very different and improved!

        Although it is pretty equal to the rest of the less pricy variety of hoverboards, it somehow managed to establish a name for themselves.

        As you can see by the user comments, this is a fairly decent model.

        It’s biggest competitor and probably most equal model in terms of performance and quality, is the Stability Saw.

        When ordering this model, it also comes with the basics such as:

        • The charger
        • The board itself and
        • The user guide
        • Warranty


        If you feel like you’ve seen this model around quite a lot, then you probably have.

        The electric hoverboard is definitely the most rebranded and remodelled version of all the hoverboards.

        Basically you will find the same exact model with different features attached to it.

        This obviously doesn’t effect the quality or performance of the device itself. If you want to insure quality, you should make sure to purchase this model instead of a cheap knockoff!

        The question isn’t really “where can you buy hoverboards”, but more a matter of where can you buy hoverboards that are safe and ensure quality.

        We only review boards sold from American manufacturers.

        This model weighs around 26.7 pounds / 13 kilograms which is fairly light compared to most of it’s competitors.

        Because of its light weight, make sure not to put more than 265 pounds / 120 kilograms of pressure on top of it, or it will break!

        Speed and Battery Life:

        If you are a speed freak, this will probably bore you a bit as the electric hoverboard has a top speed of10.5 mph / 20 kph.

        Now this might sound slow to you but it is still a comfortable jogging pace, so watch out for holes and other obstacles on the floor.

        Depending on your bodyweight and speed your driving at, this hoverboard can take you as far as 12.5 miles / 20 kilometers.

        This is obviously a fairly comfortable distance and sticks with the average of most hoverboards as well.

        Alternatively you should always make sure to keep an eye on the battery. If you want to fully charge it, make sure to not go over the limit.

        A full charge should take up to around 3 hours and not more. The longer you charge it after, the worse the battery will end up performing in future.

        You might know this from your smartphones.

        Other Functions:

        With the basic packaging mentioned in the introduction, this board is ideal for small modifications such as pads you can glue onto the sides of your board, to prevent scratches.

        These are slightly unnecessary but if you want to protect your scooter as much as you can, definitely attach these.

        A very disappointing feature to this model however is the lack in color variation.

        Although black and white is the most subtle and standard color, it is also the only a few colors the electric hoverboard will be equipped it what you want electric scooter or electric hoverboard

        For some valid reason this model will also be slightly more expensive if you think wonder how much do hoverboards cost on average, this is in the cheaper range.

        If you want to purchase an electric hoverboard, simply ==> click here to directly order it directly to your home.

        If you want to know how to quickly adapt on driving a hoverboard, please feel free to see the instructions page.

        Alternatively, if you want to know the basics about these new gadgets, have a look at the descriptions page.


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