Best Hoverboard Videos

The Selection Of Hoverboard Videos

Below you can view some the best hoverboard videos that exist. Variations between hoverboard tricks, pranks and more for your selection:

Hoverboard Activities:

If you ever run out of things to do with your board, try some of these. It’s a lot of fun and really you can probably come up with some of your own ideas.

Check out Roman’s crazy hoverboard video where him and his wife challenge each other on them:

What challenges have you done so far? Any similar ideas pop into your challenges yet?

How Haters Act:

Everyone loves to ride hoverboards. It doesn’t matter how cool you try to act or how sophisticated you may seem.

This hoverboard video explains how most of us feel and how most of us would react if it came down to it! Hilarious reaction because it’s true!

It’s hard to resist, especially when someone is kind enough to let you try their hoverboard out.


When it comes to multitasking, you may want to practice your hoverboarding skills before completing chores with them.

This poor fella didn’t and that’s what came out as a result:

We wish him a good recovery, but as painful as his fall may have been, it’s great entertainment for us, which is why it made it on the hoverboard video list.

What Friends Are For

Another amazing hoverboard video you can recreate with your friends. This is a fun game you can play in a group.

All you really need is 2 hoverboards and a few additional items that everyone owns at home.

Watch the two teams challenge each other and see who wins.

Wouldn’t you want to give it ago? It made us competitive just watching the video!

Weird Creatures

Every so often, the internet will surprise us with weird videos.

Now that hoverboards are increasing in popularity they too will have weird encounters.

Have a look at this hoverboard video and tell us if you can make any sense of it.

Not only hilarious but also a bit worrying to see something like that. I wouldn’t want to be surprised by this on my street!

What Happens At Ellen’s Stays On The Net

Behind the Ellen DeGeneres show, the staff seems to be enjoying life as riding along on hoverboards.

In this hoverboard video you can see a staff member singing along as he hovers and dances along the corridor peacefully with his noticeboard.

I think everyone feels a bit heavenly when riding their board anyway so it is no surprise!

Another Mike Tyson Knockout

Between hoverboards and Iron Mike, there’s a clear winner and the results may surprise you.

Will there be a rematch? We don’t know…

Here’s the hoverboard video that shows who would win in a fight between the two giants:

We’re ready for a rematch anytime so stay tuned! Let’s hope this happens.


When it comes to dancing and hoverboards, it can get tricky. As for vine videos it’s hard to impress people within 6 seconds.

This guy managed to create an insane dance move on a hoverboard and therefore managed to impress us within those few seconds.

What do you think of this hoverboard video? Do you agree it’s worth being featured on the list?


Besides riding along on your hoverboard, you can also get creative and have some fun by doing certain activities. Check out this fun idea:

Pretty cool to recreate and do contests with. All you need is some chalk and draw a few squiggly lines on the road.

Feel free to share your hoverboard videos showing some quick and easy games to share!


I have to admit that I’m a big fan of pranks. So whether or not it’s filmed on a hoverboard or related to them, it’s hilarious.

Normally I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy other people getting hurt but when they try to steal something that isn’t there’s they kind of deserve a little payback.

It may be a bit mean but still brought out a few giggles.

Note: None of the above videos belong to, or have been filmed by All rights still remain to the individuals that have recorded and shared them online.