One Of The Best Hoverboard Deals You’ll See!

One Of The Best Hoverboard Deals You’ll See!

FutureSaw Pro

FutureSaw Pro





      Customer Satisfaction



        • Bluetooth
        • Durability
        • Waterproof
        • Battery Low Indicator
        • 30 Degree Angle


        • Chunky
        • Weight

        Is This One Of The Best Hoverboard Deals?

        Although this board might look similar to the FutureSaw, you’ll notice a huge distinction between the two!

        The core of the design is identical. It’s futuristic looks and style remained with the FutureSaw pro.

        The price also is very similar to the standard version, which makes it so much harder to understand why the standard is being purchased at all!

        For only a minor addition you get a lot more, which is the reason we believe this is by far, one of the best hoverboard deals you can get your hands on!

        To read what other customers say and think about this board click here to read their reviews.

        Continue reading below however, if you want to find out what we think of it and discover the details!green futuresaw the best hoverboard deals


        Because the smaller brother of the board is so similar to the Pro version, it also got a massive reduction from it’s original price, which was over $1,199!

        But that’s not the only reason we believe this is one of the best hoverboard deals you’ll get.

        If you’re more of a risk taker and like to give your board a bit of a rough treatment, then we can only assure you that the FutureSaw is your board!

        It is a built a lot thicker and more robust to absorb a lot of damage. You could easily compare this top rated hoverboard as a 4×4 of hoverboards!

        Even the LED lights are almost uncompareable to it’s competition. With the integrated twin lights, they allow any driver to see up to 6.5 feet ahead!

        One of the main reasons however to title this board as one of the best hoverboard deals, is the engineering of the motor!

        It’s no secret that Germany produces some of the best cars on the road. But what if we told you, the FutureSaw Pro uses the same advanced German engineered motors as Tesla vehicles?

        This including many other reasons, makes this the top rated hoverboard in our list!

        Speed And Battery Life:

        Like most other models, you can expect a long lasting 5 to 6 hours riding pleasure with the Pro version of the FutureSaw series.

        Of course there is no need to worry as this top notch board also has lithium ion batteries strictly from Samsung or LG.

        And as expected with the best hoverboard deals, we also expect and received a comfortable 12 mile distance with ease!

        On average you can count with 12.5 miles / 20 kilometers and top speed of 12.5 mph / 20 kph!

        What sets this top rated hoverboard apart from the rest yet again, is the 30 degrees incline hills it can drive up at ease!

        30 degrees with best hoverboard deals

        Trying not to show off with this board is near impossible!

        Other Functions:

        Although we covered a lot of valid reasons by now why this is hands down one of the best hoverboard deals around, let us list a few more!

        When purchasing this board you also recieve:

        • 1-Year Warranty
        • Testing before delivery
        • High intensity aviation magnesium alloy frame!
        • Bluetooth integration (of course)
        • Suspension support

        Did we mention that the board has 8 inch wheels and is 1.5 inches higher off the ground than the standard version?

        really the best hoverboard deals

        Besides the great variety of colors and the waterproof rubber that let’s the board detect highly sensitive touches to activate it, it can also carry up to 265 pounds / 120 kilograms.

        To read more about this top rated hoverboard, or purchase it, click here and enjoy seeing all the specific details of one of the best hoverboard deals!

        For other models and reviews feel free to browse around a little longer and go through the list here!

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