Hoverboarding Description

 Hoverboarding – What Is It?

Hoverboarding is the new phenomenon of our current generation.

If you’ve seen segways before and thought they were devices from the future, then these hoverboards will blow your mind!

As you can see from the hoveboard reviews, they are basically just like a segway but without handlebars.

They have become extremely popular and it seems like there isn’t really a definite name for it, but most people like to refer to it as “The Hoverboard”.

But before we go into detail on defining what makes the best hoverboard and exactly what is the best hoverboard to buy, let’s have a look at some general questions the public has…

Where To Buy Hoverboard?

You’ve seen them everywhere and you’ve seen kids enjoying them on the streets yet you can’t find anywhere to buy hoverboards?

Well, you have arrived at the best possible place! Here at hoverboardsreview.com we have the greatest selection and as the name says, we provide the best hoverboard reviews too!

Since Mid-December everyones been asking themselves “where can you buy hoverboards”, as all stores stopped selling them.

They were marked unsafe and cheap replicas were thrown in the market.

Now we’ve finally found an all American manufactured supplier that insures quality and safety!

So if you’re still wondering where to buy hoverboards, the answer is right here!

Have a look around at the different models and choose the right one for you. There is a detailed description of all boards!

Top 7 Best Hoverboards On The Market:

ModelTop SpeedBattery LifePriceDescription
10.5 mph / 20 kph5-6 hours (battery upgrade available)$$$Nothing more advanced, durable and safe as this board!
DailySaw hoverboard. Best hoverboard to buy on the market10.5 mph / 20 kph5-6 Hours (battery upgrade available)$The most common as well as most popular brand is the Daily Saw Hoverboard. Very standard built, fast, long lasting battery and 1 year warranty
best hoverboard to buy on the market LED10.5 mph / 20 kph5-6 Hours (battery upgrade available)$Same as the standard built but includes LED + Bluetooth integration for a tiny extra fee!
hands free segway futuresaw 6.5 white12.5 mph / 20 kph5-6 Hours (battery upgrade available)$$Newest Hoverboard on the market! Slick alien design, highest quality and durable!
one of the best hoverboards on the market!12.5 mph / 20 kph5-6 Hours (battery upgrade available)$$Same as the smaller version just instead of 6.5 inch wheels this one has 8 inches! Only minor price difference!
best hoverboard technology you can get!10.5 mph / 20 kph5-6 Hours$$Most futuristic looking board. Craziest color combinations, 8 inch wheels and key included all for a fair price!
hands free segway like hoverboard 10 incher11.2 mph / 18 kph5-6 Hours$$$If you want to make a statement this is the right board for you. 10inch wheels as well as crazy color combinations and faster than most other boards! But it comes with a price!
different working hoverboard10.5 mph / 20 kph5-6 Hours (battery upgrade available)$Very different from your typical model. Also one of the more durable models and good price range. Smaller wheels and smaller color options as well!

Buying A Hoverboard

This site aims to take all boards into consideration and then give you the best possible hoverboard reviews, so that you can choose the right board for you!

When buying any luxury that you want to treasure and keep for years to come, you want to make sure to purchase the best hoverboard there is.

Of course every individual has a different background, activities, style and personality.

If you’re looking for an actual board that hovers above the ground, we have to disappoint you. However the best hoverboards with wheels will definitely be found at our site!

It is for that reason, you should carefully read the hoverboard reviews we have outlined.

The first generation of boards have had cheap copies that weren’t safe, which Amazon, amongst other retail stores quickly removed from their shelves and websites.

It is for that reason, that it is important to stumble upon the best hoverboard reviews like ours and only purchase safe models.

All board have a 1-year manufacturing warranty and a 90-day store warranty. So if it ever has any issues make sure to send it back! It will be worth it.

That way you can easily replace a model if it breaks or has any malfunctions.

Another thing you should know about buying a hoverboard, is that although they all have similar features and may even feel similar when hoverboarding, they are not.

Some boards come with more features while others are completely packed with gadgets and add-ons.

For instance, you may find your board coming along with bluetooth features that let’s you stream music from other devices such as your smartphone.

Others are equipped with keys, so it almost feels like a car that you can turn on and off. Unlike cars however, you don’t need to spend money on fuel to ride them.

All you do is plug them in for a few hours and charge their batteries!

One thing hoverboard reviews have found in common with all boards though, is that they are extremely fun and addictive.

If you’re about to get your hands on one, make sure that you get the best hoverboarding experience by purchasing the best hoverboard for your taste!

For a long time we too asked ourselves where can you buy hoverboard online and we struggled to find reliable sources.

It is for that reason that your search stops here! We have hoverboard prices from all ranges and boards for every style.

Choose wisely and you won’t regret it. That is a guarantee!

Average Built:

To understand a bit more about how to ride a hoverboard and what is a hoverboard exactly, let’s look at the typical built…

Whilst going through several hoverboard reviews, most of them are very similarly built and have almost identical features.

On average these futuristic little devices have a weight variation from 24-27 lbs. They are very solid in structure, so they can support a couple of heavy impacts.

The outer shell is made out of plastic, so scratches are unavoidable. This should not cause any damage to the insides however.

The machinery as well as the battery and other internal functions are protected by the exterior, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Of course even the best hoverboard won’t resist dropping or banging it against hard objects and might get damaged if done so.

hoverboarding damage intake

With rubber tires, which are non inflatable, these devices are made to last, they can hold up quite a large quantity of weight as well, given their size.

Hoverboarding can be a bit of a challenge but with enough practice it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to be completely comfortable with it.

(Read the instructions page for further detail)


On average hoverboarding should bring you up to a speed of 7-15 miles per hour.

This obviously depends on the model you choose, how much the battery is charged, as well as bodyweight and size.

You can compare the top speed to a fast paced jogging speed!

Driving up and down the hill will require a bit more training compared to flat surfaces, even when using the best hoverboard.

Hoverboarding over small side bumps, twigs and pebbles should cause no problem.

However you should be cautious and step off the hoverboard when facing larger obstacles. Simply get off and carry it over before continuing your ride.


The engine has an extremely silent motor, which makes it feel even more futuristic. Almost all the models have LED lights on them.

This is especially nice to make an impression at night or see where you’re hoverboarding when it’s dark.

One of the greatest features hoverboard reviews have shown, is that they are on average, $5,000 – $7,000 cheaper than a standard Segway!

Even the most expensive model is by far cheaper than the cheapest segway. They are also a lot more handy and practical to use, since they are a lot smaller!

There are tons of color variations and several different models. Be sure to check out the right model and color for you before making a definite decision.


Hoverboarding, as mentioned above, is made for the generation of the future and it literally grabs the future to our present time.

With this device you will not only look pretty awesome, it will also make every day activities pretty fun.

Even boring tasks, such as going to the store to grab a drink or running back to class, can now be an adventure and the best hoverboard experience.

The great thing about these hoverboards is that anyone can learn how to drive them.

Hoverboard reviews have shown that most learn to master them within a few minutes or hours.

They don’t weigh much and are easy to carry around anywhere you like.

The way most people describe driving their hoverboard is by saying it connects with your mind and lets you go where you think of going.

So if you’re imagining of going to the right or picturing yourself moving to the right, it will take over and start moving to the right side.